About Projects

My name is Jackson and I’m an organizer of our project, we love shooting self-defense, I decided to do another project because I saw that you need it. We make videos to order for our clients, taking into account their wishes and taking care to ensure that our client was as happy as possible. Also we make videos not just for clients, and release products on the site in the hope of finding positive feedback for the general audience. My goal was to create a project for a large audience, which would unite like-minded people, us and you, regardless of age and religion, the country in which we were born, we want to join together. Our aim is to give people a chance to be heroes. Yes, we are interested in honest earnings, but we are focused on the legacy.

Our Websites


toughfights.com – is the first site with mix genres, it has everything, any genres, it is the oldest popular site where you will see mix videos. It all started with this site.

malekilldom.com – male domination site. Anything that has to do with dominance over a girl. Lots of location plots of beautiful girls with one goal – Male domination.

lady7cakes.com  – on the contrary, no maledom. Only female domination and superiority. Everything that is connected with dresses, heels, female strife and interesting plots and of course ballbusting. Femdom, Catfights.

only7fights.com – this site is dedicated to sports in the Ring. Mixed martial arts boxing, wrestling, karate, pov, water boxing, knockdowns, backbreakers and much more you will find on the site. Total Beatdown in the corner of the ring. The site is just launched but already has many fans.

sleeperhouse.com – A new site is still in development. On it you will see sleepy girls in the house. Cramps, home wrestling, dizziness. Lots of body searches, twitching, squinting. Video On the sports surface will be a lot of rolled and charming eyes.