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Time to Kill .Karate girl.


     This time here is a real ruthless karate pro girl Sonya.She has a black belt.She decided to play a deadly game for his opponents.You will see a lot of fatal punches, throat fractures.You’ll see a lot of lethal punches, throat fractures,great self-defense, real karate style.No regrets from Sonya . 

          You will get 22:25 minutes of video 1080HD 60FPS for only 18.49 $Use safe PayPal.Click buy now .

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Bellypunching TEST 2 Helen Vs Merry


      Bellypunching comeback.English subtitles.Girls decided to make fun of each other. Strong punches, a lot of emotion, spitting, knockdowns.Steel bellies girls withstood strong blows, kicks hands, knees.It was ruthless.

You will get 21:11minutes of video 1080HD 60FPS for only 17.99 $Use paypal and enjoy the viewing.

Revenge Of The Eggs


            English subtitles. Continued film «Date for the Eggs» .At first it was a simple training session, they flirted with each other as usual, but then it turned into a big drama. This is a mixed dominant common style, which does not belong to any particular category. This is an equal fight with the inevitable end for one of the fighters.

Let’s continue our film series 14:10 minutes of video 1080HD 60FPS only 12.99 $ Use a safe PayPal


Fight or Die .Revenge


             Subtitles, efects.Deadly wrestling continues .The action continues at Nastya home, when Helen unexpectedly comes to Anastasia to get revenge. In my opinion this is one of the best fights. The fighting stance, the choking, the ground fighting, the agility, the clever fight. The girls have different styles, they are very competitive, provocative, played with each other, they made a real mega war, the cameraman was shocked. 25 minutes of beautiful mega-fighting, war.You’ll find a lot of interesting things, not only one of the most beautiful and high quality female megafights, but also the real beauty of girls.A real quality megafight movie .

         You will get 25:17 minutes of video 1080HD 60FPS for only 22.99 $Use safe PayPal , look at this real war, that’s what real means  Catfight!


Bellypunching Test Helen VS Merry


         Russian version. No music. Real blows to the stomach, the maximum abuse, squeezing the stomach, slow repetition, different angles, a lot of suffering, courage and character.Spitting fluid, a lot of punches.There are knockdowns, referees, who will win and take the grand prize? Find out for 19.99 dollars.Paypal is waiting for you.

You will get 25:15 minutes of video 1080HD 60FPS  for only 23.99 $Use paypal and recieve real stomachache .


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Date for the Eggs


One of the best fights.Full video without music. Immerse yourself in the movie, and feel his drive, toughness. Helen  is very hungry, charged to play, and will do anything to win. The guy still can not come to his senses after beating .

.You will see great skills, kicking, parterre, chokes, kicks in the groin, and much more.

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Deadly Round 2


          Revenge continues !This  guy locked her in the gym and does not want to let her go. He uses everything he has at hand, rope, bit, his body, he does absolutely anything he wants with his trainer.She called him a wuss, he  didn’t like it, he goes all the way, and he won’t stop, she faints, gets knocked out, spits up blood and fluids … She asks him to get rid of her, to let her go, but today is not her day.. If you haven’t seen the first part, make sure you buy it.

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Boxing Day 2 Nastya Vs Angel Rematch


         Beautiful knockouts, slow motion reps, punches, uppercuts, hooks, danger, revenge, pain, competition, spitting out water, misery, Nastya  came for the Angel, she wants revenge and she will not rest until she gets it. Nastya Vs Angel!Who ?Are you ready? Then let’s do it. 
               You will get 15:01min 1080HD 60FPS  Photos  by clicking Buy using paypal for just 15.49 $ Enjoy this video and support our project, write us an email and subscribe to our instagram.

Sonya Vs You


Sonya just killed the big guy, she’s hungry, and she wants more revenge. This time it’s time to kill you. She’ll do it so fast that you won’t even feel pain, it’s even a little pleasant.You can’t run away .

    You will get 09:30 min 1080HD 60FPS video
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